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9front / plan9 provide git functionality through a collection of git/ commands.

On 9front git9 is already included in the base installation.

ssh keys

provisioning keys

Please refer to the ssh notes.

export ssh key to git - (github example)

Add the public key from $home/lib/sshkey.pub to git.

For github go to: Settings -> SSH and GPG keys, and add new ssh key.

check ssh connection and add thumbprint - (github example)

ssh -T 1 git@github.com

It should print some errors with unknown hosts and a message to add the thumbprint to $home/lib/sshthumbs.

echo 'ssh sha256=HASH server=github.com' >> /usr/$user/lib/sshthumbs

After that, the ssh should only complain about key matches.

using git

check out git repo with ssh - (github example)

git/clone git@github.com:Nailim/plan9-rchistory.git

working with git repo

start git fs

Before working with git repo, don't forget to mount git fs used by git/ commands:


check git status

Walk trough the files in the repo and check their status:


committing a change

Before making any commits make sure you have set or set the editor value for git:


You can set the editor value for your user by putting this line in $home/lib/profile.

git/commit FILE

Write the commit message in the editor, then save and quit. Quitting without saving cancels the commit. A single line commit message can be passed to the command with the -m flag.