WLOG - notes something different


9front provides mercurial client trough hg command.

The command does not come included in the base installation!


A sizable amount of extra software for 9front is provided trough ports, which is accessible trough mercurial.

The hg command is a python based project, so installing it will install python 2 with it.


cd /tmp
git/clone gits://git.9front.org/plan9front/pyhg
cd pyhg

Good luck uninstalling it.

using mercurial

check out repo with hg - (9front example)

hg clone https://code.9front.org/hg/werc/

working with mercurial repo

check mercurial status

hg status

check changes

Diff to current uncommited changes

hg diff

Diff to changes made one commit ago (extrapolate from here)

hg diff -c -1

committing a change

Before making any commits, make sure you have set or set the editor value for mercurial:


It would seam hg, unlike git/commit, uses capitalized variable. If the editor is not set, commit will fail!

You can set the editor value for your user by putting this line in $home/lib/profile.

Commit changes

hg ci


hg commit FILE


hg add FILE
hg commit

list branches

hg branches

create a branch

Create a branch and commit it.

hg branch branch-name
hg ci

switching between branches

hg update branch-name