WLOG - notes something different


9front / plan9 provide ssh client support trough ssh command.

On 9front ssh is already included in the base install.

Currently, there is no ssh server.


Paths here are provided as an example, they don't have to be there or named like that.

generate private key

auth/rsagen -t 'service=ssh' >$home/lib/sshkey

generate public key

auth/rsa2ssh $home/lib/sshkey >$home/lib/sshkey.pub

put the private key in the password manager

unsafe method

This method might be considered unsafe, since the key is still kept on the drive.

cat $home/lib/sshkey >/mnt/factotum/ctl

Put this line in $home/lib/profile to automatically load the key.



ssh user@server

Connecting to a nonstandard port:

ssh user@tcp!server!1337

Using VT-100 or VT-220 terminal emulator:

vt -x ssh user@server

This will run ssh command in XTerm terminal emulation. Styling of white text on black background can be enabled with the -b flg.


sshfs user@server

This will bind the ssh mount to /n/ssh. The location can be changed with the -m flag.

Unmounting the bind is done with the unmount command:

unmount /n/ssh