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No, it's definitely me
link | arduino, random | Sun Jul 30 22:03:09 CET 2023 No.20

I have come to a realization: coding for Arduino is like coding with ChatGPT.

Both are very useful tools. Spectacular if you’re learning, experimenting, or quickly prototyping with stuff. In other words, it is best when used to do something that has been done to death before. Venture out of this realm and you better be worth “your salt” (electrolytes are important for proper brain function).

Now, I’m not beyond ducking up royally:

Embarrassing typo in code

Let’s file this one under “Rust wouldn’t fix this (TM)”.

So it’s good to validate your code/design/results/… against something known. And having finally gotten new bme680 sensors, it was time to do just that. And what a quicker and easier way than to slap it on an Arduino and compare results.

Something over there is not the same as over here

Yeah, it’s never that easy. The original Bosch library doesn’t work on the Arduino at hand (using precompiled blobs), and the DFRobot library from the manufacturer has nothing exposed.

Well fork, let’s do it ourselves and expose the raw data from the sensor.

And no, even that was not enough to figure out that one last discrepancy.

Glaring omission in the datasheet

Let’s file this one under “Trust nothing (TM)”.