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Blink from boot0 over FEL
link | rv | Sun Mar 10 15:35:26 CET 2024 No.33

These are definitely words in the title, but what do they mean? A long-awaited adventure!

By now, the probably obsolete and forgotten RiscV version of MangoPi has been on my TODO list for a while. Fashionable late, but sometimes you have to let things take their time.

What we have here is bare bone blinking of an LED on the MangoPi SBC with Allwinner D1 RiscV chip.

Trace on the analyzer goes up and down

Quite a few steps to get to this point, from figuring out the boot procedure, architecture, pin-out, tool chains, itdā€¦

The condensed version of the steps and code is here.

And there might be some notes as well.