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Back to basics
link | random | Sun Jan 14 16:49:08 CET 2024 No.29

Do you ever get that feeling, reading other people’s blogs or publications, that everything you do or write has to be new and different and contribute something new?

Let’s call this, for better or worse, content. If it’s not new, is it even valuable? To write or to read? Whose time is being wasted? Is it being wasted? Somehow, along the way to something, it was forgotten what practice is.

Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics to start up. You don’t begin a jam session by playing the latest hits, but by doing scales. You don’t play a game of wally ball by changing the local champions, but by stretching. And you don’t come back to civilization from an analog getaway by writing new algorithms, but by googling for basic HTML definitions!

It’s true that, as consumers, we care not for the process in between. Finished updates are the shiny drug. But as a techie, I miss progress updates, experiments and fails. Even a negative result is a result.

If nothing else, to feed the “dead internet” of bots, an update just for you:

  • updated the (so called) Raspberry Pi 1 server to the new 9front release - (some things didn’t compile straight from the source, should really join a 9front community to debate these kinds of things)
  • updated the tm1650fs, sgp30fs and bme680fs drivers to use the new I2C code in 9front - (this one was actually really painless; go to 9front contributors)
  • updated the web page to pass the new Google Chrome Lighthouse checks with flying colors again - (no lie, had to google basic CSS to make it happy)
  • updated the Second Chance Brotato mod - (legit forgot how to use Steam services or do Godot scripting)

Now bravely off to bigger and better things in this new year.