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link | plan9, web, werc | Wed Jun 28 23:13:46 CET 2023 No.18

Some quality of life improvements for YOU three (you know who you are) that have found and use this page.

Firstly, some improvements to RSS functionality of werc. Now, the built-in blagh blog or the additional barf app have a nice feature that generates an RSS feed list by calling index.rss on the content folder. Something that I think would be cool for any folder. Maybe you’re interested in just part of the site or would like an RSS feed update when new content is posted, but is not a blog.

Well, this feature is no longer missing! Introducing the rrsfy werc app, which allows for RSS feed creation on any configured folder through the index.rss “interface”.

This brings the available feeds for this site to:

And while we’re here, since the code for the rssfy is based on the existing apps, a fix for the creation date if posts for barf.

To improve the blog, let’s make an index of tags. More in the web notes

The barf comes with some scripts (some work, some are author specific), and one of them (gt) generates a list of posts and associated tags (which makes clicking on the tag and displaying associated posts work).

Now, let’s add some custom magic to generate a header with clickable links. And there we go.

Secondly, there are also some CSS tweaks to spruce up the look.

How all this affects the look is left as “homework” for the reader to figure out.